NEO/RETRO means “Mashing the Cars and the Pretenders together with a funkier drummer”, according to Clayton [his friends call him Jeff].

Centered around the Long Beach, California area [War, Suburban Lawns, Snoop Dog], this talented pool of musical miscreants has stealthily assembled this concoction of Neo-Retro fun [None of the neighbors know this has been going on], and it’s led by:

Clayton [Jeff] who writes, arranges, produces, engineers, plays guitar with an array of pedals and vacuums the floor.

Joining Jeff in making this wonderful noise is:

—E. on vocals: A fantastic voice-over performer who also writes and records for TV shows. Someday she’ll be legally able to list her name [No, it’s not the Witness Protection Program].

—Josiah Mory: Bass player par excellence! One of the busiest players in town, he was last seen on tour with a string band[?!] in the Midwest.

—Tommy Salyers: Keyboards/the Librarian, an encyclopedia of musical styles. He spends most of the year on tour with renowned blues artist Laurie Morvan.

—Deter McAllister: Drums and other sorts of beaty things. The hermit [are we sensing a pattern here?], also not in Witness Protection but somewhat reclusive [Plays pretty good, though].

—Jeff Antons: A fantastic drummer himself, he lent his absolutely gorgeous mallet cymbal to “I’ll Still Think Of You”.

—Carrie Mock and Michael Duron choired us up on “I’ll Still Think Of You”.

— Ronan Chris Murphy [Veneto West Studios]: Mixer and Masterer[?] of the Universe [King Crimson, Steve Morse, Terry Bozzio] and his accomplice, Diego Lopez, mixed these tracks into something people seem to really like.

And let’s not forget the people that don’t make musical noises[that we’ve recorded]:

Nate Lubbin: Photography, logo and layout [Check out the “N’Obody loves you” poster]

Sanjin Malesevic and Tommy Nelson: Video Graphics and Editing.

Christian Bourdeau: Facebook support.

Elizabeth Rodriguez: Website construction and infinite patience.

And special thanks to Cyndi Webb, Liz Redwing [Veneto West] and Kurt Martin [Sweetwater Music].

N’Obody gets asked questions like:

1] Do they play live?


Seriously, they’d love to but getting these fantastic musicians together at the same time in the same place is nearly impossible.

Nearly. Stay tuned for now.

2] Do they have more than these songs?

Jeff has written, and has in various stages of production, close to 10 EP’S worth of songs [That’s 60 songs!!] And the good news is: Jeff never writes the same song twice.

Again: Stay tuned.

Jeff and all the fabulously talented folks who worked on these songs wish you the very best listening experience for years to come.

Stay tuned.


–Clayton Jeff Jeffries []

–Josiah Mory []

–Tommy Salyors []

–Venetowest []

–Carrie Mock []

—Elizabeth Rodriguez []

–Nate Lubben []

–Sanjin Malesevic []